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2020: the year we made a time capsule

18th August 2020

There’s not much I can say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said.

Life was turned upside down, inside out and back again - all in a fleeting moment. And this turbulent snow globe we now call home is still subject to change. To help our team reflect and process the events of this year thus far, we hijacked our quarterly Holy Flow Day.

These days are our take on the traditional company away day; we get together, learn, celebrate and have fun. For almost 20 years we’ve held these days in person, but 2020 had other ideas. We weren’t destined for the Norfolk coast this time around. Nor the office, or anywhere for that matter. 

This year, the brief from Tom was simple:
"We want you to make something to put into a time capsule. It could be a collage, a video, a poem, or a bust of Chris Whitty made out of stockpiled pasta. You choose. Just try to make something that will help us all remember what it was like to be us over the last three months."

For a taste of what we created, step inside the Foolproof time capsule. Think clinical white walls and folk waltzing around, spouting terms like ‘mixed media’ and ‘baroque’. 

1. Gaynor whipped up this impressive Hockney-inspired creation.

We think it’s beautiful, and a wonderful reminder of our mass reconnection with nature and solitude.

2. Max captured a second of footage each day throughout lockdown, documenting the highs, lows and everything in between.

What a fantastic memento.

3. Now onto Ed, Foolproof’s laureate.

He put pen to paper, guiding us through both familiar and personal realities ever-so poetically. 

Our favourite segment reads:

But it’s not all bad, we’ve learned new skills,

Baking and bread making instead of queuing at tills.

Every Thursday we clap our beloved NHS

Banker or nurse, who should be paid less?

Work from home, home school, to keep the R value down.

This will be easy we think, but not so much now.

4. Using a scalpel, masking tape and spray paint, Luke produced the thoughtful Everything’s Better With You. 

In his own words:

“The message reflects my attitude to these times. The days all begin to blur. But spending time with my significant other makes those days enjoyable. I’d happily repeat the same day over and over if she’s at my side.”

Everything’s Better With You; scalpel, masking tape and spray paint on Hahnemühle Black Card (16x16")
Everything’s Better With You; scalpel, masking tape and spray paint on Hahnemühle Black Card (16x16")

Everything’s Better With You; scalpel, masking tape and spray paint on Hahnemühle Black Card (16x16")

5. Rachel revisited her CV to showcase all the new skills (and bad habits) she’s adopted throughout lockdown.

Lots to relate to Rach.

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6. And now for the main event - a socially distant game by the name of Paparazzo.

This outdoor game was invented by our old friend Will Buckley and our own Joel Tebbett adapted it into a web-app so we could all watch along at home. We even got cricket commentator Daniel Norcross to commentate. We’ll have Joel relay the finer details in a future blog post, but for now, enjoy these recordings. You'll want to watch the London game first - it features an explanation of the rules.

Honourable mentions:
  1. Rob’s Covid Bugle.
  2. The Foolproof Bakery from JRB.
  3. The Foolproof Band’s cover of I Will Survive (starring Jen, Rob, Mike, Adam, Isabelle and Leslie)

As you can see, we’re a creative bunch. I’m discounting myself there, having ripped off Andy Warhol to eat my first post-lockdown burger.

Until next year, we’ll keep the rest under wraps, stick it on a hard-drive and let it mature - giving us time to pause, reflect and hopefully make it through the other side of this thing.

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