A full list of upcoming events which we’re taking part in.

Events and speaking opportunities

We are an integral member of the global UX design community - our commitment to speaking at, attending and hosting events is testament to this. 

Speaking opportunities are a great way of sharing what we’ve learned and opening up wider conversations about emerging topics in design, technology and business. If you would like one of us to speak at your event, please use the email address at the foot of the page.

We’re also happy to host events in our UK and Singapore studios. In the last few months we’ve hosted talks by UX Crunch, Ladies that UX and IxDA. Get in touch if you’re trying to find a home for your event or meet-up.

Past events

Here is a list of the events we’ve been involved within the last year:

  • March 5 - Tim judged one of Adobe's esteemed Creative Jams.
  • March 5 - Tom attended Brainstorm Design in conjunction with Singapore Design Week.
  • March 13 - Tim gave a talk on the execution behind the world's first autonomous vehicles' insurance product at UX Oxford.
  • March 14 - Ziqq and Darren offered their expertise and advice at a Portfolio Clinic in partnership with the National Design Centre.
  • March 15 - Max and JP & Nico delivered respective development-focussed talks at this year's dev://east.
  • March 19 - We hosted LTUX's annual Lightning Talks. 
  • January 22 - we co-hosted an evening of discussion on data as a creative material alongside the UX Crunch.
  • January 30 - we hosted IxDA's pre-dux
  • November 20 - we co-hosted an evening of discussion on and around change with the Ladies that UX London.
  • October 11 - Tim spoke at the Festival of Marketing. 
  • October 25 & 26 - we sponsored and attended UX Live.
  • July 11 - Tim attended and spoke into the advantages of intelligent healthcare systems at DXN Nottingham.
  • July 18 to 22 - Tim attended and spoke into intelligent healthcare systems at IXDC.
  • July 31 - we hosted and spoke at UX in the Wider Business in conjunction with UX Crunch
  • April 19-20 - Tim delivered a talk entitled 'Surgical UX: designing for visualisation systems in surgery at UXD Healthcare.
  • April 19 - we co-hosted an evening of discussion around Dark UX and Ethics with UXPA.
  • April 20 - Phil delivered a talk entitled 'Bridging the brand experience gap' at the Fintech Design Summit.
  • April 24 - Tim delivered a talk entitled Intelligent Guides: Architecting Systems for Context-driven Interactions at UX Oxford.

Get in touch

If you would like a Foolproof speaker at your event, or would like to run an event at our offices, please contact our Marketing Team.

Contact Rob Hall, Marketing Coordinator on