Christophe Taddei

Senior Project Manager
Christophe Taddei
“When it comes to design, it’s always about the people.”

I've been in project management for over 20 years. In that time, I've seen the effect of digital on people's life, given its ability to shape and create habits, and everyday interactions. I have seen the creation of new jobs, practices, and specialties. And I have seen fads, methodologies and ways of working come and go. The one constant with digital product and service design is its evolution, which means I am still learning and will continue to do so for the next 20.

What hasn’t changed is that what we do is about the people; the people that want things, the people that make things, the people that use things, and the people that dream things. At Foolproof we are the people behind the curtain, the people that research, analyse and develop leading digital experiences that simply work. 

As a project manager, my role is behind the curtain. It's my job to make sure the team is enabled to make the best work possible, in the best conditions. I also assure and coach clients every step of the journey. And ultimately, at my core, I ensure our work is implemented and used for years to come.

One aspect of the role I particularly enjoy is the variety. With many different projects, come many different people. Knowing I play a part in reaching and serving all kinds of people, across the world is hugely rewarding. 

Outside of work I like to go back to a more analog life by playing board games, hunting for vinyl, and enjoying the Kent coast.