David Khoo

Principal Consultant
David Khoo
"I am an avid fan of innovation and user-centred design processes, and I am always looking to improve the practice."

I currently hold a dual role as a Principal Consultant in the Singapore office, and I play a critical role in balancing my clients’ business needs, the quality of work produced, and the resources required for all of us to win together. On a typical day, you’ll find me conducting design research, hopping into client discussions with my team, and then planning for the next activity to happen.

Academically, I come from an engineering background, with an electrical engineering degree from the National University of Singapore and that allows me to apply process management skills into my work. I am an avid fan of innovation and user-centred design processes, and I am always looking to improve the practice by experimenting with new techniques in multiple contexts.

Before joining Foolproof, I worked at a transformational design consultancy -where I cut my teeth in user-centred design, leadership coaching, and management consulting. At another digital agency, I was involved in the entire value chain from business development to project delivery. The invaluable experience I’ve gained in these areas further convinces me of the need for a strong and positive user experience, and yet at the same time, the need to guide our clients to develop their own enablers to allow them to be self-sustainable.

Some of the more notable work that I’ve done included the design of the transport experience for a large leisure company and developing a service blueprint for a government agency in Singapore specializing in housing. The latter won an international award for innovation for government agencies, and the blueprint has become a model for other offices to follow.

Outside of work, I enjoy discovering quiet places, horse riding, and singing with my guitar. In my fantasies, I would be the Michael Buble of the East on a horse, and I would have a sell-out crowd every, single, time.