Helen Harlow

United Kingdom
Helen Harlow
"I’m driven by a project that gives me the opportunity to solve problems."

I joined Foolproof as a Design Intern, having completed a degree in Illustration at Norwich University of the Arts.

During my course, I specialised in Illustration for branding and editorial design. My expertise lies in working with briefs that require me to design for a brand, or to visualise concepts and ideas with Illustration. I’m driven by a project that gives me the opportunity to solve problems. 

In my role at Foolproof, I have been responsible for creating visual content such as illustrations for the Journal and other marketing content. Working here has given me the chance to develop an Illustration style for the brand and hone my skills across other areas of design outside of my discipline.

I’ve also had the opportunity to translate the problem-solving skills I use in my illustration practice to tackle UX projects. Working alongside designers in the studio means I have been able to get to grips with the basics of UX and begin to incorporate myself into project teams.

Outside of work, I also run my personal illustration practice which is largely influenced my Surrealism. When I’m not drawing, you may find me cooking a new vegan recipe, seeing friends or trying out a new series on Netflix.