Jasmine Tan

Senior Consultant
Jasmine Tan
"My biggest joy is when I see how the insights I have gathered bring clarity in the next steps of product development."

I joined the Foolproof family full-time in 2017 as a Consultant – and since then I have had the opportunity to work on various design projects for clients in banking and healthcare industries, across markets in Singapore and Hong Kong. 

I started life at Foolproof in 2015 when an internship - at the close of my 4-year Communications and New Media degree - introduced me to the world of experience design and I have fell in love ever since.

I might be one of the rare breed of people who enjoys stepping into the office every morning – I find great meaning in the work we do at Foolproof. Being here has taught me the art of crafting effective and reliable user research. My biggest joy is when I see how the insights I have gathered bring clarity in the next steps of product development, alignment within working teams, and greater happiness among clients and end users who benefit from the solutions we create. 

Aside from my role as a Senior Consultant, I also help to manage Marketing for the Singapore team. Identifying market gaps and needs, then finding ways to reach out and propose the value of experience design to the right people, at the right time, is another one of my objectives.

Foolproof actively contribute to the design community in Singapore and we have been working closely with the government and schools to organise events and workshops to champion design and its adoption. I have enjoyed my conversations with the passionate and experienced practitioners at these events and I’m proud when attendees learn and grow with us in the process.

Outside of work, you will find me in the kitchen - cooking and eating are my favourite things to do! I’m a purveyor of slow and mindful living so spending time with family and friends, reading, travelling and laughing heartily while watching comedies is some of what I enjoy doing in my free time.