Mario Van Der Meulen

Principal Designer
"I’ve evolved to be a hybrid, ambidextrous designer, with a versatile skill set."

I'm a graphic designosaurus; I graduated before computers ruled the world. A maker before that was a thing; my very first job consisted of spray-glue & letra-setting lay outs for a mail order catalogue brand. Yes, that once did happen.

I’ve evolved to be a hybrid, ambidextrous designer, with a versatile skill set. I’ve made ideas happen for a variety of businesses, from forward-thinking startups to large international brands, across Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Technology, FMCG, Lifestyle and Professional Service categories.

At the core of each is the desire to connect a brand with an audience, with coherence, consistency and clarity of thought and expression. Regardless of the media platform or touch point within a customer journey.  I’ve previously earned the bacon at firms like EuroRSCG, Tribal DDB and frog Shanghai. I ran my own studio in Shanghai for a good stretch of time. I teach an evening class in design thinking and brand design at Singapore’s NAFA design school, deliver talks and keynotes regularly and do design award jury work whenever I can. Good times!

I hail from Belgian, but have lived and worked in Asia all of the 21st century. The reason for me moving to Asia was my ex-girlfriend. She is now my wife! We’ve lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and now in Singapore (coming up on 4 years). I’m the proud dad of Kaeden, who is a week away from turning 9. It does go by so fast…

When not doing that design thing, I am found either in the gym (I clean, I jerk and have a strong snatch) or holding a guitar, where the ambition is to - one day - convince my neighbors I am in fact a rock-god-genius. Stay tuned for that!