Design research

Research is the foundation of modern design. It’s at the heart of our design method.


Ask better questions

Insight is central to our design approach. Only companies which have a vivid, detailed understanding of the customer’s world have any chance of creating a market-leading user experience.

At Foolproof we have torn down the wall between researchers and designers. They work side-by-side to make sure we ask the right questions of our work. This means we spot creative opportunities which others don’t, and we focus our time on things that create impact for the customer.

Evaluate with research

Two consultants reviewing insights


Anywhere, everywhere

International brands need international insight. Our team routinely completes fieldwork assignments right across the planet. We can be anywhere and talk to anyone whose input we need to do great design.

Our in-house research team is one of the largest and smartest in any design company in the world. Their collective experience gives you access to deep knowledge on markets and audiences that we’ve been studying for years.

Validate far-reaching decisions

A consultant reviewing international research findings


Quality counts

Our go-to tool in design is qualitative user research. Early formative studies help us open up ideas and concepts. Later on, evaluative research and testing brings us up close to the customer and helps us make better design decisions.

We offer lab-based and remote user research. We also take our fieldwork to the homes, offices, stores and streets where we can see your customers in their own world.

Harness our labs

Researchers observing user research


Measure what matters

Quantitative user research and customer analytics help you understand what’s happening at scale. This lets us look for patterns and insights which we can act upon.

Detailed measurement plans and dashboards help you focus on both business and customer outcomes. These let you track return-on-investment as you build and deploy new parts of the customer experience.

Measure your success

Interface highlighting statistical design outcomes

Samples of our work

Design research projects

Where we've leveraged qualitative insight to influence organisational change.

Global broadcast media company
A graphical cityscape with a broadcasting tower and data points from individuals

Global broadcast media company

We helped a giant global broadcaster get a clear picture about listening and viewing behaviours during an important time-of-day.

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