Experience data

Leveraging data to elevate customer experience.

Our philosophy

Data is the lynchpin of great customer experiences, it guarantees their continued success.

We blend data and design to form the bedrock of your digital experience and guide its future direction. Leveraging our expertise in data-driven design, we use deeper insight to elevate digital experiences for brands with the ambition to serve customers every step of the way.

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Our approach

An assessment of today

We use a breadth of data services to discover and explore problem areas within your current experience. Without knowing exactly where your experience falls down, you risk wasting time, money, and resource. 

Data-led design

We lay the groundwork needed to bolster successful, data-led experiences for years to come. Weaving data throughout the experience lifecycle is a must for modern product and service development and our team of devoted data scientists ensure it’s gathered using the right tools and applied thoughtfully across the design process.

Brand new possibilities

We work with brands to create new and augment existing experiences using the wealth of data at their disposal. Harnessing our visualisation and storytelling expertise, we unlock the creative potential of big data and imagine dynamic experiences that brands can use to create connected digital ecosystems which outperform their competitors.

Optimise and then some

We are committed to the continuous improvement of digital experiences. By using our optimisation framework, we maintain and develop digital solutions that continuously improve your most important customer touchpoints. Once they meet commercial objectives and customer needs, we integrate the best performers into your core technology.


What we can do to improve experiences over time.

  • Digital analytics 
  • Data insights 
  • Data science 
  • Explainable AI
  • Experience data strategy 
  • Scenario modelling  
  • Customer experience measurement
  • Tagging strategy & management
  • Experimentation (CRO)
  • Multivariate testing
  • Core technology integration
  • Automation 

Samples of our work

Our data work

How we've improved digital experiences with data.



We designed and built the end-to-end customer experience across Suzuki’s UK product lines. This resulted in an impressive increase in core sales indicators across each of the four sites we designed.



Our 3-year experience design partnership with Petplan helps pet owners to make informed decisions about insurance for their beloved pets.

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