Experience engineering

Deliver digital excellence by picking the right tools and technologies.

Our philosophy

Experience engineering is the process of making customer-centred design a reality.

To build, deliver and maintain transformative experiences you need people who take a customer-centered approach to technology. By considering all user groups and needs we avoid creating a gap between design and delivery to market.

Designers and developers collaborating

Our approach

The right tools for the job

We carefully pick new tools, technologies and platforms that compliment what you have already. Our technologists are happy building on top of what already exists or starting from scratch to deliver experiences that work exactly as you need and intend.

Immersion, understanding, action

Our engineers work side by side with strategists, designers and business analysts to deliver effective outcomes that meet user needs. Before ever writing a line of code our engineers immerse themselves in the insight, strategy, design and technology that powers your ecosystem.

Our team on your team

We have our own high-calibre engineering and delivery practices in-house, who have access to a deep global talent pool within Zensar. This gives us the ability to deliver new experiences at speed and scale anywhere in the world whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Development strategy partners

We can help you govern all of your engineering and technology platforms and teams by auditing and developing your toolsets and practices. This improves your technology culture over time by promoting engineering excellence.


What we can do to bring experiences to life.

  • Front-end development (CSS, HTML Angular, React)
  • Back-end integration
  • Full-stack development
  • Low code/no code development
  • Mobile app development
  • Pattern libraries
  • Testing
  • CX platform implementation
  • Digital architecture
  • Digital asset management
  • Progressive web application development
  • API design and development
  • DevOps
  • Technology audit

Samples of our work

Engineering projects

Experiences we've brought to market.

Shell Fleet Hub

Shell Fleet Hub

We partnered with Shell to transform their Fleet Management platform. This has been deployed globally across 39 markets and benefits millions of customers.



We worked side by side with Nedbank to undertake a radical end-to-end transformation of their technology and customer experience by taking a strategic, user-centric approach to design.

Post Office

Post Office

Our digital design of two new products for Post Office brings to life their innovative new mortgage propositions. As part of the deliverable we produced a pattern library that can be re-used across their digital estate.

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