Strategy & planning

Clarify the purpose and intent that will guide design. Create a plan to make it happen.


20/20 vision

To build competitive advantage through user experience you need a clear vision: an inspiring picture of what the customer’s experience will be in the future.

Foolproof will help you define the user journeys and outcomes which will create a more powerful connection with your customers. Research helps us check that you are creating real value, and sets direction on what to build and when. Business and customer KPIs give you a measurable model of what good will look like.

Gain the upper hand

Strategist sketching out a roadmap for change


Create alignment

Excellent customer experience needs commitment from the whole organisation.

We know how to engage stakeholders right across your business so that they feel invested in what you are trying to build. This secures the focus and resources you need to change things in the customer’s world – and get commercial results for your organisation.

Secure commitment

Client services exchanging notes with clients in a boardroom setting


Power to your people

To deliver good user experience at scale you need the right culture, tools, people and processes.

Creating great customer outcomes at the pace of modern business can be daunting for teams without all the right skills or resources. Draw on our experience to help build the capabilities which will give your organisation the confidence to deliver. Use our people to fill skills gaps and share tradecraft.

Bring your vision to life

Researchers and designers discussing user journeys


Lay out the track

Setting out to build the new customer experience means making trade-offs and priority calls. We bring you the evidence you need to make good decisions in planning.

A good roadmap will help you manage cost and commercial yield while staying on track to deliver exceptional experience for your customers. Your organisation always knows what it is building, and why.

Envisage the road ahead

Strategists reviewing a strategic roadmap

Samples of our work

Strategy & planning projects

Work we've done to make organisations think differently about their product and service strategy.

An illustration of an autonomous vehicle on the street


AXA XL launched the world’s first insurance cover for autonomous vehicles. Design thinking and collaboration right across their business moved the product from whiteboard to launch in three months.

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Global logistics company
A globe illustrating the interrelation between places

Global logistics company

We helped a billion-dollar company deepen its UX capabilities. A shared vision for future customer experience has informed a roadmap for investment and improvement over several years.

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