About us

Founded in 2002, we set out with the simple aim of designing digital products and services with people in mind. Evolving with our clients, today we operate globally across design, technology and marketing.

True to our roots, we continue to use deep customer insights to fuel our creativity. This allows us to demystify complexity, communicate simply and deliver the best possible experiences.

Illustration of a laptop on green background flanked by one hand holding a megaphone and another holding a paintbrush
Illustration showing a laptop screen flanked by one hand holding a megaphone and another holding a paintbrush

Our locations

Where you can find us

Our Studio is a team of the best talent from across four different continents.

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North America

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South Africa

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What drives us

We help our clients grow and change

Know where to play through strategy.​ Know how to play through coaching.​ Play to win through designing, building and launching digital products.​


Nurturing culture & innovation

We see ourselves as more than just an agency. We're digital partners, dedicated to nurturing a culture where innovation thrives.​


Navigating complexity

We believe that the one certainty you can bet on in the future, is that the world will become more complex and unpredictable. It is our job to help our clients navigate that complexity.​


Turning visions to reality

We work to remove the barriers to you achieving your vision, whether they stem from business, technological or customer challenges.​


Human-centred design

Our early adoption of human-centred design wasn't just a strategy; it was a statement of our commitment to putting people at the forefront of technological advancement.​


Impact on people and businesses

We believe that every organisation has untapped potential. We unlock that potential, ensuring that digital solutions not only serve your business goals but also create positive impact on people’s lives.​

How we think differently

We embrace a different mindset

We challenge the status quo with innovative thinking that reframes problems and helps you make better decisions.

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