We are specialists in experience design. We create value for you by creating value for your customers.

What we do

Design know-how

Use our talent and experience to support you across the design lifecycle. We can help you shape product and service ideas, design and deploy digital experiences, then tune their commercial performance long-term.

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Solve real problems

Time and money are too precious to waste on things that don't move the needle for your customers. Good digital experiences solve real problems and meet real needs. This creates value for customers, and an emotional connection between them and your brand.

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A designer and a researcher collaborating together over research findings
A user reviewing a design we have created on a sofa

How we work

Create. Deliver. Optimise.

Our people love to work at the point where business strategy meets real-world execution. We move in rapid, iterative cycles of thinking and doing. From initial sketched ideas, through to the code and technologies which bring digital experiences to life.

Experience strategy
A designer sketching illustrations on a blackboard
A developer working on front-end code


Deliver at scale

Foolproof is part of Zensar, a global technology company. This gives us access to specialists in digital technologies and to resources which allow us to deliver at scale. Together we can bring new products to market anywhere in the world.

Experience engineering
Our Director Peter Ballard chairing team meeting
A designer collaborating with our partners in implementation at Zensar

Our philosophy


Humans first

Humans first

We started our company to give people better representation in the design of digital products. If it doesn’t work for your customer, it doesn’t work for your business.


Insight leads the way

Insight leads the way

Research is our foundation. It shows us new possibilities and reduces risk. None of our design goes to market without evidence that it will work.


Do the right thing

Do the right thing

We are the nicest zealots you'll ever meet: friendly, big hearted people but with a steely-eyed commitment to doing great work in the right way.

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If you would like to know more about what Foolproof does and how we work, please drop us a line.

Contact George Ioannou, Managing Partner on george.ioannou@foolproof.co.uk.

Multi-channel design for Suzuki UK
Case study:

Multi-channel design for Suzuki UK

Multi-channel design for Suzuki UK