BBC features world’s first contactless car

How we made the world's first contactless car to facilitate donations to charity.

We partnered with Hyundai and Cancer Research UK to build the world's first car enabled for contactless payments.

When the car was unveiled at Kings Cross station in May it received more than 200 interactions in the first few hours of operation. In the BBC's article on the future of cashless donations they featured the world’s first contactless car. Although cash may still be widely used “tap and go” is emerging as a way to quickly and easily donate to charities.

The car has five contactless payment points positioned around it and combines a number of different technologies, including Arduino micro-controllers and Raspberry Pi microcomputers.

A person using a contactless donation point which is attached to a car.

Contactless payment options are having a clear impact on how people spend money and in turn the charitable donation process needs to adapt.

Read the full BBC article: Is 'tap and go' a better way to give to charity?

Our work on the contactless car was also recently featured in an IT Pro Portal article which looks at cashless donations.  

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