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Reflections from our UX design and consultant trainees

by Foolproof Team
17th November 2017

As we approach the close of the year, the 12-month Strategic Attachment and Training (STRAT) that started at the end of 2016 has also come to an end.

We’re so proud to have helped educate the next generation of design leaders and witness how each of our four trainees has grown in their fields of expertise.

We’ve gathered the thoughts of the four UX design and consultant trainees here to share their reflections on working in Foolproof’s offices.

The training program is part of a joint initiative by Foolproof and the Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) and is designed to build up key manpower capabilities in Singapore’s workforce in the field of experience design and creative technology through work placements. Darren, Jiayi, Ziqq and Janelle spent the first 6 months working alongside the Singapore team and another 6 months in our UK offices.

In video below, the four trainees share their experiences and learnings working on design and research projects with Foolproof. Foolproof’s Principal Designer Irene Infante and Founder and Managing Partner Tom Wood also reflect on how the programme has brought immense value to the business.

Reflections from Ziqq, Darren, Jiayi and Janelle on a year at Foolproof.

Foolproof would like to thank EDB for their huge support on the STRAT programme. We look forward to working with these trainees as they become permanent members of our team and continue to strive in the field of experience design.

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