Take a people-first approach to transforming your organisation

We talk people-led transformation with Forbes, and why your digital transformation initiatives must start with people.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, unless your digital transformation initiatives start with people, they will fail to deliver the return you expect. This too applies when looking at transforming your own organisation – inside out.

When transforming your own organisation, you should not, and cannot, start a transformational journey with technology, or even tools and processes and work your way back from there. You must start with your people - the people who are customers of your organisation, those who will use the end solution. If you can transform the experience for your people by uncovering their pain points and focusing on their needs to reach a solution, they will pay you in kind with their commitment to the transformational journey of your clients.

Thankfully, we’ve recently found this echoed in this article by Sandeep Kishore, CEO and Managing Director of Zensar – a company Foolproof is proud to be part of - this kind of human-centric thinking and organisational commitment is what first attracted us to join Zensar, it’s great to see this commitment stated so publicly for a renowned publication. 

To read more about how to achieve real success when transforming your organisation read the full article in Forbes here.

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