The commandments of Agile

Six thoughts on Agile - some satirical, some serious.

Illustration of a tombstone with a screen on a background of a chart with a line graph
Working on end-to-end product/service design means we have frequent discussions about methodology.

The organisations we work with span a wide range of sectors - financial services, energy, automotive. Typically, we see an almost religious fervour around shifting to Agile delivery.

We’ve built this out into a tabula as follows:

Questionable belief:

The right kind of religion:

Clearly, a few of our suggestions are more obvious than others - some are perhaps questionable or flippant. 

In reality, the context of the organisation in which you work and the culture it has will model how you deliver branded products and services to market.

Getting Agile right is about uncovering and committing to what works for you – yes you may need to transform your processes, priorities and tools but ultimately it has to slot into your organisational ecosystem.

Equally, setting expectations and levels of commitment expected from stakeholders to deliver in Agile helps. This protects the purity of the methodology and can determine the success of what you deliver to market.  

For more on Agile and its failure, here's some more thinking on the topic.

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