The digital multi-channel experience

UX roundtable on the digital multi-channel challenge.

In February we held our second UX Leadership Roundtable.

We invited UX leaders from banking, telecommunications, gaming and FMCG for a lively discussion around the digital multi-channel challenge.

Why multi-channel?

Traditional markets and consumer expectations and behaviours are being disrupted and transformed by digital, creating an increasingly complex multi-channel experience.

Many organisations are struggling to manage and cohesively evolve their (fragmented) multi-channel experience. We saw this with the web and now we’re seeing this with mobile. The impact on consumers is an ever widening gap between brand promises and customer expectations and experience.

Some of the big themes of our discussion
What is the UX Leadership Roundtable?

Every quarter Foolproof hosts a UX Leadership Roundtable at Foolproof’s office in London. It’s invitation only, and we invite UX leaders from our clients and networks to participate. It’s an open discussion and allows us to take the view from above on the biggest challenges facing UX practitioners and the organisations they work in. All discussions are off the record as we want our leaders to share (good and bad) experiences from the front line.

Want to join the discussion?

If you’re interested in joining the next Roundtable, Tuesday 29 May, please contact your Account Director or Tim Loo, You can also request to join our LinkedIn group: UX Leadership Roundtable.

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