The Empathy Gap: Designing Intelligent Healthcare Systems

How to bridge the ‘empathy gap’ that exists between individuals and healthcare systems through design.

Many are heralding intelligent healthcare as a big commercial opportunity, but how close are we to these systems which create better patient outcomes?

In this write-up, we discuss how the ‘empathy gap’ that exists between individuals and healthcare systems needs to close if we are to see significant financial and technological gain.

We've spoken at a number of events in the past few months on this topic and have decided to share some of our learnings from working with our healthcare clients Simplyhealth and Cydar.

The key points from our article are as follows:

The bottom line is: to bridge the empathy gap we need to design new ways of supporting people as they move through a patient journey and provide them with right information and support at the right time.

Learning systems which provide frictionless experiences for patients and carers are being worked on – but before these systems are entirely controlled by an AI which delivers intelligent emotional responses they have a long way to go to provide true value to healthcare providers and users.

Read the article in full here on AI Business.

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