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Tim talks into the experience and business strategy behind the world's first autonomous insurance product at the Festival of Marketing.

Last month, Executive Director of Strategy, Tim Loo delivered a talk on the strategic planning and execution behind launching the world’s first autonomous vehicles insurance product alongside AXA XL’s Accelerate Partner, Adrian Copland.

The talk, which took place at London’s annual Festival of Marketing, explored the product’s unique conception, journey to market, launch and response. 

Following this, the pair offered a considered retrospective and first-hand advice to those pursuing similar business goals. 

This product responds to the rising demand for big businesses to take autonomy seriously whilst highlighting the need to underpin these products with a robust experience strategy. With future developments already in the pipeline we're proud to partner AXA XL on this journey. 

To find out more about Tim and Adrian’s work click  or watch the video below:

Supporting resources available here: 

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