Will AI change how we book travel?

An in-depth look at how AI could change the travel industry.

This is an illustration. A robot hand points to a dark blue circle on a blue background.

The travel industry has big questions on the horizon with AI.

Its implications on the travel industry seem boundless; from providing tailored experiences, improving efficiency in planning and booking trips, to more easily receiving travel assistance. Given this, it’s clear that AI has the potential to unlock customer value that has otherwise lived behind seasoned travel agents, paywalls or endless search and filtration. Travel companies, with a customer-first mindset, would be wise to use AI to empower their customers — offering them greater value in the process.

It’s worth remembering that improvements can be made across a customer’s travel lifecycle through using AI — exploration, planning, itinerary creation, transportation, accommodation, the stay itself, and even extending into the post travel experience; how travel is recommended and remembered.

For an in-depth look at what travel companies should consider before embarking on implementation of AI tools, as well as exploring some of the opportunities it offers, you can download our white paper on the subject here. 

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