You too can play poker during working hours

Creative Technology Poker is a free card game download using experience design as an icebreaker.

Introducing Experience Design Poker. A game in no way related to real poker, but one that will test your powers of creativity, collaboration and presentation.

We created this card game to play at a company away-day as a way of getting people who don’t usually work together - you know - working together. It can be used as a way of helping people to think more creatively, as a team building exercise, or ice breaker. We enjoyed playing it, and it turns out others like it too so we thought we’d make it available as a PDF for free download.

The objective of the game is to come up with the best idea for a ‘Sector’, based on a random selection of ‘API’ and ‘Technologies’ cards. All you need is an equal number of teams, a judge per team, a deck of our Experience Design Poker cards per team, and a bit of space to allow your groups to spread out.

Download Experience Design Poker cards (PDF) – instructions included. We recommend that you get them printed professionally so you can keep them to play again (A5 double-sided, satin finish, 350 gsm)

Have fun!

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