Amber Meadows

Principal Designer
Amber smiles at the camera.

I joined Foolproof to kick-start my UX career. I love that UX feels like a more structured approach to design thinking, rooted in data and user insights, empowering me to genuinely solve problems. As someone who thrives in environments that challenge me to push boundaries, learn new skills, and evolve professionally, I've had the privilege of honing my craft under the guidance of the exceptional minds at Foolproof, and I’m now a Principal UX Designer.

My role is centred around the art of simplification – streamlining complex tasks and journeys while never losing sight of the user's needs. Day-to-day, you'll find me immersed in various project sprints, whether I'm brainstorming on whiteboards, plastering post-it notes with user insights, or devising solutions from 'How Might We' statements. Making things easier for users keeps me motivated.

Outside of work, you’ll find me doing some form of exercise, spending time with my dog, or exploring the world with my partner and a list of all the cafes & restaurants we need to try. I also hold an advanced PADI qualification, which has led me to eating a tomato 30 feet below the surface and swimming alongside Manta Rays twice my size.