Carolina Franca dos Anjos

Principal Talent Business Partner
Carolina smiles at the camera, she is wearing a patterned top.

My role as Talent Business Partner is to support company engagement and recruitment. It is my responsibility to find and help nurture all the great talent that comes through our door.

I enjoy having the opportunity to listen to people and help them achieve their professional goals. I am at my happiest when I feel that my efforts are contributing to the improvement of our team’s productivity and overall dynamic. I am also very passionate about bringing people together and keeping our culture inclusive and fun.

Naturally, I am interested in people and it excites me to learn about their lives, their jobs and what they are like - which by default is an advantage of my role. I feel like I hold a privileged position at Foolproof because not only do I get to deal with everyone in the business but, often I am the first person a new Foolproofer meets on their first day!

I have a degree in Journalism and Drama and recently I was awarded a postgrad in HR Management. I worked in recruitment in the Events Industry for 5 years. Prior to Foolproof I worked in the HR department of a multinational advertising agency. As you can probably tell, I absolutely love creative environments.

Outside of work I hang out with friends, explore new places, enjoy a good cup of coffee (normally accompanied by a massive piece of cake and a book) and like drinking prosecco (preferably at parties where the music is loud). I have a great interest in Psychology, Philosophy, Astrology and all those things that cannot be easily explained…