Chloe McInnes

Senior UX Writer
Chloe smiles at the camera. She is wearing red lipstick.

I craft copy that guides users through digital experiences, ensuring there’s a consistent voice and tone.

As a Senior UX Writer, it’s my job to craft copy that guides users through digital experiences. From onboarding flows to error messages, I make sure there’s a consistent voice and tone. With every new project, I take learnings and weave them into carefully considered narratives that resonate with the audience we’re targeting. I’m an advocate for the importance of UX writing, and the value it brings to our clients.

I’ve got a strong track record of shaping scalable strategies, mapping journeys with designers, making sure content is compliant, turning feedback into action points, and managing multiple stakeholders. My background is in long-form copy, so I’m very adept at writing for marketing campaigns, as well as messaging for interfaces that need to abide by strict character counts.

Armed with an English degree, I took on all the content editing gigs I could get – from water companies to world-famous fashion brands. Back in 2017, I moved to Amsterdam and worked for It was here that I developed a passion for UX; I had access to tools that measured the impact of everything I wrote, which was hugely valuable. I was part of many successful product launches and proactively solved a lot of user pain points.

My passion for psychology drives my interest in research; I always look forward to identifying themes after qualitative research, as well as studying trends from quantitative data. Within the wider tech industry, I’m cautiously curious about the future of AI. Thankfully, I’ve seen evidence that bots can’t successfully do my job – yet!

Outside of work, I enjoy messing with make-up, catching up with my favourite people and countryside walks with pitstops at pubs. I’ve always got a trip abroad on the horizon and love to get recommendations on places to explore. I'm also convinced that the original Jurassic Park is the best film of all time.