Hannah Hollis

Product Director
Hannah is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black top.

True to form with a love of extremes, I’ve worked with teams in large global corporate behemoths, and in the wild world of seed and series-A start ups.

I loved Start Up. Rolling up your sleeves and wearing many hats, working on passion projects with despairing lows and sky highs, making something from a blank canvas, and losing track of time in creating something meaningful(I could talk about Digital Healthcare here a lot, but alas, word count. You’ll need to venture into DM territory for that). It demands a contagious energy for problem solving, which to me really forms the backbone of what Product Management is.

One such passion project was developing an IoT product in the Sleep Tech space. Whilst becoming immersed a in wearables, data visualisation and behavioural design, one of the most valuable experiences was living the dichotomy between hardware development and software development, which helped me sink my teeth into Product Operations and ways of working ‘beyond the framework’.

It explains a lot about my approach to building Product teams now as a Product Director. I spend most of my time in the space between Strategy and Delivery, supporting client teams to bridge the gap between them. Sometimes this means formalising product management structures, operating models and coaching. Other days it means analysing complex business cases, evaluating product viability and coaching teams. It's neither relaxing nor boring.

I believe that no scenario is safe from a sports analogy. And that there’s no such thing as spare time. So, when I’m not working, I’m either moving, or eating copious amounts of carbs ready to move again. I like to explore the world via marathons and Ironman races which so far have taken me to some colourful, far flung and high altitude places. I’m still yet to run in the Arctic, but watch this space…

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