Luke Burroughs

Principal Designer
Luke looks at the camera. He is wearing a grey shirt.

My goal is to challenge, innovate and connect."

My skillset spans across a wide range of processes including conceptual design, brand strategy, critical thinking down to the finer intricacies of user interface design and illustration, for a variety of platforms including print, web, tablet and mobile. I’m a problem solver and at the outset of any project, I find myself deconstructing the brief, understanding the vision, and generating ideas and concepts. This involves engaging with users to discover their needs and opportunities. This allows me to better understand the relationship between the audience and the project and in turn, create forward-thinking solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients. My goal is to challenge, innovate and connect. I have created work for a wide range of sectors but have in-depth experience of responsive e-commerce platforms with a strong focus on user journeys and complex checkout processes. With the world becoming mobile-first, the way we address interfaces is constantly shifting and social consumer behaviour lies at the heart of the equation. I joined Foolproof because I wanted to be somewhere that invested as much time, energy and passion into the research and theory of a project as the design and development. Throughout my career, I have been featured in Creative Review, Polygon (The Verge VOX Media), and the Eastern Daily Press for my work and was frequently a blogger at In my spare time, I’ve been involved in a number of start-ups working on app design projects, most recently with a team in San Francisco on a second screen entertainment experience. I am heavily invested in Digital design primarily because I love how fast moving the industry is and how it is constantly shifting and re-inventing itself. Outside of work, I try to disconnect from the Digi sphere and spend much of my time invested in traditional art, and living in my headphones. Anyone that knows me will probably tell you I’m a human radio station. I’m on a mission to educate the world on the wonders of shoegazing.