Tim Caynes

Experience Design Director
Tim wears a navy zip up sweatshirt, he is looking at the camera.

When I was a young boy all this was fields but now, 10 years later, it’s the centre of the experience universe and my role as Experience Design Director is to look to the skies and work out where the edges of possibility are and then try and use some huge design telescope to capture the essence of everything that matters through the eyepiece of needs and probably make something in Figma which uses just 3 words to explain the sum of all possible information hierarchies forever but like with a really big font or something.

I’ve flapped around the edges of sanity, creating beautiful pools of possible, with some of the biggest clients in the world but honestly my favourites are still those ones that really can’t afford you but really like you so you invest little bit of effort on defining a strategy, vision and proof of concept just to give them wings to fly and then might even draw a picture of something that feels like the future that everyone can believe in. A small, imagined future, where the sum of all things are articulated through the medium of electricity and flat screens so the world might see where forever is so that we can make sense of now and define tomorrow but like with a Venn diagram.

I’ve worked in loads of places but Foolproof is where I’m going to die.