Foolproof's Table: Episode 2 with Amy and Amber

Amy and Amber discuss their routes into UX and offer career advice for budding designers over cocktails.

An illustrated map with lots of routes.

In this month's episode of Foolproof's Table, Amy and Amber talk careers over cocktails. 

Why not? It's lockdown number something.

We really hope you enjoy this episode. Amy and Amber, as you'll see, have a great deal to share when it comes to careers. Starting out as an intern, Amy's worked her way up to become a knockout design Queen, with a wealth of experience under her belt. Amber's just as experienced, having worked on many projects in her time here with us.

Both explore their unique journeys into experience design, offering practical tips for aspiring practitioners just starting out, as well as those already settled into roles. 

But that's enough about careers. If you want to cocktail along with us, you'll need: 

I hope you enjoyed that. Keep your eyes peeled for next month's episode. We haven't yet decided what we'll discuss, so if you have a particular topic in mind, please reach out and we'll do our best to cover it.  

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