The pool rules of design critique

Want to know the secret to dishing out and receiving design criticism? Download our free poster - tips for having a successful design critique - for your office now.

There's always a lot of discussion about how to give and receive design critique.

This has helped us develop our own thinking about our approach, and sparked a healthy debate about how we do it and what we should do differently.

We created these Pool Rules as a visual reminder to us all that critique should be objective, specific and empowering feedback. Good critique helps people reflect on the choices they've made against the goals of the project so they can identify ways to improve their work. Sometimes it helps to remind ourselves about the right behaviours we need from everyone in a critique session.

If you've been thinking about design critique yourself or within your team you should read the book 'Discussing Design' by Aaron Irizarry and Adam Connor.

You can download our Pool Rules of design critique as a PDF for you to print and use wherever you are trying to create a good atmosphere for design critique.

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