We won a BIMA award

We took home a BIMA award for our trailblazing work with AXA XL on an autonomous vehicles insurance product.

Our trailblazing work with AXA XL on the product strategy behind the world’s first autonomous insurance product won gold at the 35th annual BIMA awards in the Transformation & Consultancy category.

Given that the great and the good win here year in, year out it’s an illustrious Hall of Fame for our work to be inducted in to.

The work behind the award win began with a design thinking workshop, which led to the conception and launch to market of an autonomous insurance product in under three months.

The approach we took shows how we help our clients go from nothing - or very little, other than a desire to achieve change - to producing innovative new products and services fast. All it took was the right people, in the right environment, with the right challenge and approach to solve it, to make something happen. 

Our work also triggered a change at an organisational level in AXA XL in relation to how they think about and do product development - by introducing new ways of thinking we promoted a shift in culture.

We continue to work with AXA XL and are growing our relationship across multiple product and service lines. Including the autonomous insurance product, where there are plans to grow and scale the product as autonomy matures. This award will only strengthen these relations whilst helping us drive forwards towards achieving our shared vision.

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