Why consistent investment in customers matters to financial services

A report on financial services trends exploring AI, customer experience, and what makes great service.

An illustration of a piggy bank on a pile of coins, with a bar chart in the background.

The next frontier for improving financial services is taking a holistic approach to solutions that spans products, services and the systems that brings employee experience, customer service and enablement and great digital experiences together. 

In this report, we share guidance and solutions that can help financial service businesses take steps to improve their digital product experience; by embracing new technologies, long-standing truths about brand positioning and understanding what makes a service ‘great’. 

We touch on AI banking solutions, customer support, superapps and beyond as well as taking in the current economic climate, emerging technologies, long held brand and experience principles and reflecting on them through the lens of product and service design. To bring this report to life we surveyed a multi-generational group of 2000 adults across the UK to understand their banking attitudes and preferences and conducted supplementary qualitative studies to deep give into attitudes and experiences. 

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