The talk of advisory town: Foolproof featured in ISG report

We've been recognised by ISG as rising stars in the customer journey services space.

Ten years ago, we were struggling to convince people that spend on experience design should form part of the digital spending mix for awards and reports.

Today, we and Zensar have been recognised by ISG, a leading research and advisory firm, as a Rising Star in ‘customer journey services’ for the expertise of our team and the work we do

You might ask, how has this change happened?

In our experience, advisory bodies respond to market shifts. They listen to CMOs and CDOs, who have improving customer experience through understanding their users on their corporate agenda. 

This means that executives are looking for providers who can spearhead differentiation by offering research, design and delivery capabilities rooted in customer-centricity.

Our mention represents the need to take the power of differentiation that considered customer experience offers, to the biggest and best brands around the globe, seriously.

Moreover, it’s another piece of evidence that illustrates digital maturity and change moving in the direction we’ve been advocating for since 2002.

It also means that we can continue to deliver great design, which is executed well at speed and scale together with Zensar, that improves the lives of millions of people around the world.

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