Image of a Only on wednesdays logo made from a W and two O'sThe Only on Wednesdays logo, featuring the letters O and O arranged around the letter W as if hands on a clockface, in white on an orange background
Only on Wednesdays

Only on Wednesdays: more than just an events platform

Only on Wednesdays is a creative outlook that encourages female leaders to collaborate, discuss industry topics and provoke change. Foolproof engaged the opportunity by creating the brand proposition, strategy and design.

An Apple watch on a person's wrist showing the app icon for Only on Wednesdays
A hand holding a smartphone with the Only on Wednesdays branding on the screen

An identity born from the concept of time

The logomark was born out of the concept of time and space, combining minimalist letterforms with motion to evoke the idea of shifting perspectives. The typographic approach allowed for a flexible mark that can be used creatively across the various media and applications of the brand.

The logo can be used across a range of colourways.

A space for change

Each letter in the logomark is symbolic and loaded with motion. The W’s diagonals spin from its apex like clock hands, locking a specific time into place. Each o, representative of female personalities, congregate and move positions around it, just as leaders would shift their perspectives during an event.

The logomark is flexible catering for different versions to be used.

The spirit of the written word

The design language is formed from the spirit of communication. Typography — the written word — is the main focus of the identity which takes the form of individual themes, timeslots and personalities. Set in a clean, contemporary sans serif, Sharp Sans Display no.1, its circular and symmetrical form provides a system for words and letters that flow harmoniously.

Only on Wednesdays typeface in orange on light grey background
The long form logo can be used alongside the written word.
Typography is designed to be welcoming and inspiring.

A flexible and creative toolkit

A flexible combination of design assets were created to allow for tailored combinations across digital and physical. The design language weaves beautiful black and white imagery with a rich palette and a balanced type system in striking layered compositions.

Black and white image of a woman looking down overlaid with Only on Wednesdays logo in white
Beautiful black and white imagery evokes a historical precedence.
Banner branded with Only on Wednesdays logo and photography of a professional woman
Personalities can be championed in the public eye to draw attention to events.

A suite of apparel

The identity was used flexibly across a whole host of apparel and accessories. They enrich events and provide memorable takeaways for the female leaders who attend.

A close up on a Only on Wednesdays branded name tag
Only on Wednesdays branded orange tote bag being carried at a person's side
Only on Wednesdays branded business cards in black, white and orange arranged on a table

Life beyond the screen

The visual identity closes the gap between the screen and the real world, providing a doorway to physical pop-up events — uniting places, personalities and topics into spaces where big ideas take shape and bright futures can shine. Our goal was to provide a window to London and the wider community.

Modular and infinitely editable

Only on Wednesdays is modular. Letterforms are playfully abstracted - a stretched out ‘W’ creates a negative space between the diagonals where photography and words can be shown. Using the ‘O’ as a container for profile imagery provides a structured, yet playful framework for rich content to sit within.

Mock up on an Instagram post promoting an Only on Wednesdays event
Mock up of an Instagram post promoting an Only on Wednesdays event

Digitally future-proofed

We built a design library to house the Only on Wednesdays brand. The library empowers future creatives with the resources they need to create an effective, digital-first experience that enables them to govern the ever-changing nature of hosted events.

Black, white and orange Only on Wednesdays branded assets assembled from Apple watch icon to business cards

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