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Digital event branding for Microsoft

Brand expression

Annually, Microsoft has more than 20 cloud-specific events that range across the Azure, Dynamics, Business Applications, and security brands, each with a unique brand identity. All of these different identities led to a frayed brand experience with event teams were overburdened with unique assets. We worked to create a unified design system that event teams could pick up out of the box and use for all marketing expressions.

Building a unified visual system that spans many different cloud topics

To create a consistent Microsoft brand experience, we strategised, concepted and iterated on a single visual throughline to connect each solution area of the Microsoft cloud—while speaking metaphorically to the unique power of each. This led to more than 200 bespoke explorations grounded in Microsoft’s fluent design language before we arrived at our final conclusions. In each of the seven Microsoft cloud solution areas, we created a library of core static and motion assets that we applied to out-of-the-box campaign assets, which work across all of Microsoft’s marketing and in-event needs. We also created the cloud events brand guidelines to present all the available assets, ensure longevity, and explain our underlying approach.

Early concept sketches using waves and ribbons.
Early renders of concept waves
Overlapping waves in green, almost like plant leaves

Event templates

Campaigns in a box

We created a end-to-end design system to easily allow Microsoft events teams to quickly host cloud events. The kit included templates for all announcement, lead gen, at event, and post-event creative.

An events template using the brand identity
A Microsoft events date ticket
A collage showing different events formats and brand applications
A mobile view of a Microsoft event
An event listing and details page harnessing the brand.

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