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With comprehensive tools and services, Microsoft has become a leader in the AI space. The next step? Bringing the rest of the world into the conversation. A large portion of top enterprises plan on increasing AI investments, but without the right frameworks and opportunities, this can be a daunting task. We stepped up to help Microsoft change their position to better support these organisations, giving them the insights and tactics they needed to succeed.

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To really bring other companies into the conversation, Microsoft needed to do more than put out white papers explaining how their own AI works or why it’s been successful. Instead, they needed to facilitate a true dialogue and let other businesses do the talking about how to best use AI. To form that dialogue we consulted with 10 Microsoft partners across multiple industries to dive deeper into how AI can affect culture, business strategies, and accessibility. With this insight we designed Best of Business AI 2021—an immersive, interactive site that invites business leaders to go behind the scenes for a deeper understanding of how top organisations maximise their use of AI.

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People are the key to success for AI projects—and Best of Business AI puts people at the forefront. From aerospace to snacks, Best of Business AI showcases the real-life stories of AI transformation across industries. Anyone looking to empower their business can collect direct insights from leading global organisations using AI to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing their industries. After exploring the overall strategies and reading through the in-depth case studies, Microsoft’s AI Business School and AI industry guides are a natural next step in the process of democratising the knowledge that Microsoft and its partners have gained. The interactive Best of Business AI website provides a central location for anyone looking to start or deepen their journey into AI.

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With roadmaps, quizzes, guides, deep-dive videos, and more, Best of Business AI has everything a business needs to become an AI-ready organisation. We developed and designed a focal point for organisations looking to learn more about AI.

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