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Microsoft Azure

Bringing Microsoft Azure to life for a global audience

Interactive storytelling

We built an immersive digital experience to showcase the world’s most trusted cloud. Microsoft Azure has invested billions into growing one of the world’s biggest clouds. With datacenters across the globe, capabilities that optimise network performance, and innovations that enable organisations to invent with purpose, Azure is paving the path of data in the cloud—but communications were fragmented across channels, and awareness around Azure investments into cloud infrastructure was lacking. We were tasked with building education and unifying the siloed conversations around cloud infrastructure into one immersive experience.

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Connecting with the Azure brand

Values that matter

Working across engineering, marketing, and brand teams, we developed a 3D web experience that allows users to learn about the many investments Azure has made in one place. We focused on making it easy and enjoyable for users to learn about key messaging pillars, including sustainability, reliability, and trust, by connecting the disjointed pieces of the story into a cohesive and compelling narrative. To relay these core elements of Azure’s global infrastructure, we focused on the following three aspects.

System discoverability

Our 3D web experience demonstrates what each region has to offer while showcasing the overall global footprint of Azure.

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Azure investments

The Microsoft Cloud is the world’s most trusted cloud for a reason. We illustrate the innovations that put Microsoft at the top of the list in the infrastructure space.

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We break down the building blocks that make up Azure infrastructure and walk users through how they work together.

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3D web experience

Azure around the world

With our easy-to-navigate 3D experience, we’ve created a space for users to see how Azure’s modern datacenters work. Users can explore the globe by filtering down to the topics they’re most interested in, from sustainability projects to disaster recovery options, or selecting individual regions on the globe to learn more. By scrolling through the story, they can learn all about what Azure is doing in sustainability, security, reliability, and innovation.

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A isometric globe with blue lights

What we achieved

By bringing Azure’s global investments, capabilities, and innovation into one place, we’ve broadened awareness and brought education around a complex topic to a larger audience.

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