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Where to play and how to win with AI.

By applying a consulting and insight-led approach, we get to the root of the problem you’re trying to solve with AI. Speaking to AI teams, users and owners within your business helps us understand the intention behind the application and where you can succeed with it. Part of this work involves targeting points in products and experiences which could benefit greatly from the application of AI.

Our approach to AI is consultative and can be adapted to your business needs, product maturity and teams. We only suggests strategies and ideas which will work based on your business context and problems the application of AI will solve. We’re happy to take a high-level view, to join existing teams, or to work as an incubator and innovation accelerator role that can be bought back in-house at a later date.

This insight-led approach ultimately streamlines services, improves experience and frees up time and effort to focus on solving for other priorities that move the needle for people.

We can bring our technical knowledge from the AI accelerator we co-run with our parent company Zensar, into your business to creating knowledge sharing and training opportunity for business stakeholders right through to co-working with squads.

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