Technical architecture

A treasure map of technical possibility.

We use insight-led approaches to understand your organisation’s underlying technical structure, including interviews with employees responsible for the architecture today.

We believe in taking time to understand the existing environment to make suggestions that are grounded in reality and not conjecture; whether that’s speaking to technology teams and partners, or people on the receiving end of technical outputs, we understand the system in full. Here, we focus on what powers what and why to make informed proposals that evolve your businesses technical landscape, all while reducing risk. Taking this approach moves digital experience and marketing efforts forwards by achieving scale and interoperability with ease.

Building this foundation allows us to combine our technical architecture expertise with an understanding of your platforms, frameworks and business model. This results in a scalable technical ecosystems that you can build delightful experiences and brands on.

We’re happy to offer an outside-in perspective into well established architectural functions, or to existing squads and pods, dedicated to specific products, services and experiences within your business. In this type of scenario, we’ll take an impartial view and always try to add as much value as possible.

We run architectural, awareness and upscaling sessions with teams. This is to offer a deeper understanding of the technical landscapes within which they’re operating, and how they connect together to power a product or experience. Doing this saves time and effort down the line as proposed solutions fit within, or evolve to fit, the existing architectural landscape.

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