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Solid content structures above all.

Content architecture defines how content is structured, stored, organised and managed on a CMS. We get to the route of how content is currently structured within your business and make informed suggestions on how to evolve it. This is based on your requirements, needs and the common use cases relevant to your business.

Strong architecture empowers structure. Content structure is all about how content is categorised, tagged and linked. This supports content organisation and retrieval by defining the relationships, taxonomies and metadata of content. Based on this understanding, we set out to gain information about the way you currently organise, store and handle content today before suggesting new structures. In parallel, we also spend time understanding the existing technical environment in which content is created, maintained, managed and used before proposing solutions.

The work we do enables content users to access and leverage content in more empowered ways, meaning content can sit at the centre of your experiences in a way that contributes to realising your future business objectives.

We organise and shape content to deploy content models that support the intention of the content strategy and experiences that underpin it. This harnesses design libraries, content management systems, content schemas and APIs to effectively engineer and deliver content that is composable based on users’ and their intent.

We are happy to join existing editorial functions and evolve from within or take a more outside in approach to de-couple ourselves from existing content practices. How we operate and best generate value will depend on your content landscape and preferred way of working.

We have experts in our business who speak at leading content conferences around the globe who can run sessions with your marketing, product and technical teams to promote more joined up and scalable approaching to content within your business.

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