Capability & capacity consulting

Future-fitting talent experience.

With the world in flux, requirements for talent and technology can change quickly and chaotically. Whether you’re managing the emergence of a new technology, a new business priority, or other external factors, we take an objective look at your technology estate and talent processes. We do this to understand if you can meet future demands with your talent experience.

To understand how your business brings employees on board, we interview talent and HR teams. From there, we take a deeper dive into the technology that supports your People teams, from application tracking systems, to enterprise HR tools like Oracle. The goal is to identify existing pain points across the hiring experience, so that we’re able to give recommendations on reducing friction in the future.

Once we’ve built up a picture of the hiring experience, we look at the technology landscape that supports an individual once they’re in role. This could look like how quickly they can tool-up and be ready to create business value; we explore what processes and tools they interact with along the way. We can then take a closer look at how the services that should enable them to be effective are designed.

When we have these pictures combined, we can make suggestions about enhancements to the processes and systems that underpin them.

Our capability and capacity consulting offering:

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