Meet accessibility standards.

Accessibility standards are baked into everything we design and build. Our product teams keep up-to-date with emerging accessibility standards (WCAG 2.2. AA), while also ensuring that the basics are correctly implemented – from contrast levels and padding around buttons to alt text and H tag hierarchy.

Our accessibility consultants are highly experienced in auditing digital products with tools and plugins like Browserstack and WebAIM WAVE. They’re also well-practiced at running manual checks on pages and components, using applications like NVDA on Windows and VoiceOver on iPhones.

Once they’ve completed their testing and established areas of improvement, the consultant will make recommendations and produce an Accessibility Compliance Report. They’ll then work with your teams to triage any issues logged, prioritising which non-compliant features need to be fixed first.

As part of our ever-growing services in this space, we’re also pleased to offer accessibility best-practice education and training. In this capacity, our expert consultants will work together with your teams to establish an ‘accessibility centre of excellence’ within your business. We’re also able to provide guidance on publishing those all-important accessibility statements.

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