Service design

Improve the quality of your services by enhancing how you deliver them across the service lifecycle.

We take a step back to holistically understand all factors that enable the delivery, maintenance and evolution of a service. This includes your business' internal infrastructure, people, processes and the integration of all the customer touch-points.

This means that we can solve challenges with the knowledge and understanding of how a product or service fits into your business’ ecosystem.

Practically speaking, we often find value in deep dive service audits of the business and its function. Often, as a jumping off point, we get stakeholders together from different parts of an organisation to understand a service journey. Then we identifying bottlenecks across the entire service lifecycle. From this point, we recommend strategies, processes and service concepts (both short-term and long-term) to increase revenue, improve productivity and enhance customer delight.

We define service blueprints that lay out the user interactions at each stage of the lifecycle, which maps out the different front-stage and back-stage activities that come together to deliver an experience. Once gaps across the service journey are identified, we brainstorm ways to optimise and innovate.

We work to establish engines across multiple touchpoints in the service lifecycle. We brainstorm with stakeholders who think speculatively to conceptualise how service concepts might affect systems and people in the future.

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