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Embed insight into your business.

Insight operations in your business can benefit from understanding what has been done successfully elsewhere. We work with insight, product and journey leaders to offer an outside-in perspective based on our experience across industries and organisation types. We don’t do off-the-shelf formulas; we offer an engaged process where we understand your aspiration for using insight in your businesses. We deep dive into your current setup and structure, the roles within it, how insight is currently consumed and how it can add greater value. With this information, our aim is to set up research operations which support continuous discovery within your business.

We understand and unpick your insight system with you to understand the interdependences and connections within it. This means we typically play the role of external consultant in this space, evaluating teams and structures by working with a key insight leader to understand their role, KPIs and team.

We do our best work in coaching product and journey managers to embed insight into their roles, teams and practices.

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