Digital estate management

Managing digital estates on an ongoing basis.

Post-live is often an afterthought, but not for us. We set you up for success with always-on support based on a shared service model to span experience, data, engineering and architecture. This gives you the ability to continually evolve and maintain your digital estate with ease.

This service helps you grow as a business by enabling you to keep pace with the competition. Think of this happening through osmosis; our talent enriches your estate and digital operations with best practice and domain expertise - from product to engineering to hosting and maintenance.

In order to offer effective, targeted support, we invest time in understanding the existing environment and your requirements. We also make smart recommendations to drive the maximum amount of business value as early as possible.

Our teams typically functions as a squad augmenting your IT or digital team. We manage estates in full as an external partner, clearly communicating needs, progress and results back to your business.

We can also help you establish functions for ongoing experience management within your business. We do this by creating solid foundations, upon which your can grow and develop your own practice. We can also bring your team members into our squads, if required.

Our digital estate management offering

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