Technology optimisation consulting

Streamline your IT landscape.

Whether it’s accounting software used by finance, or an enterprise software as a service system like Oracle, Salesforce or SAP, we use service design, architectural understanding and platform-specific capabilities to build up a picture of your IT landscape.

To enrich the picture, we speak to people using the tools within your business and understand what’s working, what’s not working and what’s been forgotten entirely. Usually, we find more value in these exercises by speaking to those using the tools in Finance, IT and Operations on a daily basis, as this yields the most value.

Once we’ve gathered these insights, we suggest enhancements to your current way of approaching technology across your business. Whether organisation-wide, or as a point solution, we provide suggestions that are targeted and relevant. We do this by recommending answers the challenges you face and the opportunities for enhancement or efficiency we find, that are specific to your business.

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