Who we are, what we value and the things we stand for.

Our culture is one of the things that makes Foolproof a great place to work, and our values underpin this. The following represents what we’re like on our best day.

To learn more about how we got to these statements, have a read here.

1. We take our craft seriously

We're friendly, big hearted people but with a steely-eyed commitment to doing the right work in the right way.

What motivates us is improving people's lives through experience design and technology. We're passionate about our work and set high standards.

We're realistic about what it takes to create the best experiences and have the courage to say it. We don't just tell people what they want to hear. We ask challenging questions when we need to get the best outcomes for our clients, their customers and ourselves.

2. Genuine and straightforward

When we talk to each other and our clients, we think it's best to speak clearly and truthfully.

We don't take ourselves too seriously. Teams work better when everyone is friendly, approachable and straightforward.

Leadership isn't 'them and us', it's a grown-up conversation about what we need to do and why. We try to remove obstacles, not create them.

3. Pride and passion, not blood and sweat

We don't work crazy hours. It's not sustainable and it doesn't produce the best work.

We focus on the value people create, not the hours they put in. There's never a debate about whether you should look after your sick child or attend an important client meeting: family comes first.

We're able to do this because we're all willing to help each when necessary. Whenever we need to work longer hours, we're doing it for each other.

4. Have fun and look out for each other

We bring our whole selves to work and take time to get to know each other.

We listen openly and show care and compassion. We consider the impact of what we do and say on others. It creates an environment which is vibrant, fair and respectful of everyone.

We're a social bunch and love spending time together. We value shared experiences, like Holy Flow Days. They foster a sense of community, make new starters feel welcome and allow us to celebrate our achievements. Even in times of stress, we keep our sense of humour.

5. Treat people as people, not resources

We're human beings, not drones who take orders and just do what they're told. We recognise everyone as an individual and trust them to work out what to do, rather than being dictated to or micro-managed.

We're proactive in looking for ways to improve things and take the initiative to do so. We take ownership of problems and see them through to their resolution. We're enthusiastic and willing to help when others need it.

6. Collaborative, not competitive

We work together towards shared outcomes, encouraging and supporting each other. We're not afraid to ask for help from each other when we need it or to ask 'stupid' questions. We create an environment in which people can do their best work.

We don't play politics or work against each other. We don't fight over people or budget, take credit for other people's work or burn energy that could otherwise be focused on creating great work.

7. We help each other to grow

We have a growth mindset and are consistently working to improve ourselves, each other and our clients. We're always sharing, trying new things and believing that we can be and do better.

We invest time and energy into giving each other the support we need to develop personally and professionally. We hire people not just for who they are now, but who they will become in the future. We've given many people their first job.

We inspire and challenge each other to be better and to grow as individuals. We're courageous about giving and receiving feedback, even if it can feel uncomfortable.