Image of a grey hand holding up a phone with the landing screen of an app for Time to EatA hand holding up a smartphone showing an app launch screen that read "Eating made easy"

Re-inventing the Time 2 Eat brand with Compass

Compass is a global conglomerate operating food services in more than 40 countries with over with 600,000 employees. They run cafeterias, counters, self checkouts across offices, stadiums, factories, airports, universities and countless other locations.

They have a digital B2B2C suite built for the employees and customers of its corporate clients to use in their cafeterias and food halls. People can use this to browse menus, pay bills, order ahead and manage orders and even the kitchens themselves.

white text reading "700 sites" on a dark green background
black text reading "15 countries" on a white background

A new identity and proposition

Our client made a strategic shift to move from acquiring sites to focusing on usage. Compass identified that in food halls, cafeterias and self service venues, there was a lot of food waste. They decided to re-think the entire service flow in order to cut down this waste.

Part of this was the translation of a newly created brand identity into digital properties to communicate the new value proposition in order to gain traction. We were asked to re-invent the existing mobile customer facing interface along with the kiosk solution building upon the brand work that had been done. This work built on and evolved the brand for digital, and involved the creation of a design library.

A woman holding up a pak choi vegetable and smiling with text overlay reading "Eat with impact"
Image on a cream background with a smartphone screen showing the Time2 Eat branding and text reading Hungry for change?

Stress testing

Making things right for digital

A new brand identity often meets high level propositional needs can but miss a trick on making things work for digital, including for accessibility and usability. Through testing the flows, interactions and scenarios, we discovered gaps in the identity that meant we needed to re-think or build upon the existing elements to make it fit for purpose.

Side by side phone screens with Time 2 Eat mobile app UI
Component from Time 2 Eat mobile app showing available items with pricing
A brand colour palette for Time 2 Eat with a cream block on the left and stripes of green, lilac, yellow, indigo and orange on the right

Brand language and identity system

An identity fit for

To make sure that a new brand works for a wide range of digital applications, we test it through real world scenarios. This included basket and checkout patterns, deals and offers and ordering flows. We checked that it catered for all the necessary interactions and states required for engagement and clarity, so that a customer can use the product with ease. This involved building out heuristics and patterns based on the brand to make the brand application easy to use by anyone, anytime.

Two phone mockups side by side showing the Time 2 Eat mobile app interface of the main menu and a coffee ordering screen
Screenshots of ordering screens on the Time 2 Eat mobile app

The product proposition

Evolving the product offering 
within the value proposition

During the process, we uncovered ideas that, paired with customer insight, prompted us to develop improvements to the platform’s functionality. We created a backlog and roadmap for future enhancements that tied the brand proposition together with promotional activation ideas.

Design system

Creating a design system

We created a scalable design system and provided education and guidance across design and development teams for how to use it. This aided efficiency and the pace of deployment while up-skilling the team in design thinking methodology.

Illustration of components in the Time 2 Eat design system
Collection of examples of the Compass Time 2 Eat components and UI

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