White text on a dark blue background reads "iSG Tango, The Sourcing Solution Platform"White text on a dark blue background reads "iSG Tango, The Sourcing Solution Platform"
ISG Tango™

Designing and engineering a next-gen sourcing platform

ISG Tango TM is a groundbreaking, digitised sourcing platform. To better serve clients, it improves transaction speed and efficiency, while allowing ISG to expand into other market segments. We helped bring the platform to life by partnering with ISG across design and engineering.

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The challenge

  • Make the sourcing process less labour-intensive, manual and complex

  • Allow ISG to grow and serve new markets by augmenting its highly specialised team through the power of technology

  • Aim to deliver a better, more efficient sourcing experience to ISG clients and providers

Our approach

  • Got under the hood of the organisation by closely working with key stakeholders from ISG

  • Gained insight through conducting research into the third-party sourcing process

  • Leveraged ISG’s in-house technical expertise to understand the desired experience and design a future-fit, data-enabled sourcing platform

  • Prioritised features to digitise and deliver based on the most impactful parts of the process

  • Targeted improvement of employee, client and provider experience

Phase one

Discovery and definition

ISG, Foolproof and Zensar worked together across discovery. This phase focused on understanding the current experience of ISG clients and advisors. Through research, we investigated where users felt friction in the process and identified key areas that could be improved. To reduce the burden of manual processes, we also considered opportunities for streamlining, configuration and automation. We utilised these learnings to define the MVP and key user journeys that needed tackling.

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Through this process, we established a platform vision. It included opportunities to produce a scalable solution that blended the best of digital automation and human expertise.

Phase two

Building an MVP at pace

We rapidly formed an MVP roadmap, and created supporting designs, to help ISG create their digitised sourcing platform. Centred around value, potential impact and solving complex features, the MVP was aligned to underlying technical architecture. It focused on a key part of the sourcing journey and the user needs related to this.

We completed user research with providers to validate the overall approach for the tool. This was to corroborate the proof of concept and also to trial how the provider access would work, both at the time and in the future.

The MVP set the vision and direction of the incremental platform build, which sped up delivery and increased value to employees and clients. It also opened future sourcing capabilities and opportunities.

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Phase three

Moving into build

With the vision locked in and MVP defined, we moved into the design and build of the product. Utilising the roadmap and requirements gathered from our earlier work, we began shaping and reprioritising the features that would be delivered as part of the sourcing experience.

Together with Zensar, and ISG’s technical team we moved into incremental agile delivery of the sourcing product.

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The future for ISG

ISG launched ISG Tango to market and received feedback from employees, clients and providers. Based on qualitative and quantitative insights, this feedback was combined with platform usage data to identify areas for improvement. These findings were triangulated to shape a backlog for future platform evolutions, which was prioritised based on value.

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