Jennifer Robinson-Bird

Principal UX Consultant
Jen smiles at the camera. She is wearing a black top and a gold necklace.

Exploring a problem and finding solutions in sometimes the most unlikely places is something always I've always found exciting.

As a Senior UX Consultant at Foolproof I regularly conduct research and gather insights; whilst working collaboratively with the rest of the project team to develop the user experience. My day-today responsibilities can vary, however my main focus is in customer insight gathering and ensuring a strong understanding of customer and client requirements, so that I can provide valuable and executable recommendations.

In my previous role as a as a UX Architect, I used various research types including interviews, A/B testing, guerrilla research, user flows and data analysis to explore the problem space and find the most valuable insight to inform and enhance my UX design. Exploring a problem and finding solutions in sometimes the most unlikely places is something always I've always found exciting about UX. It was also where I started to regularly attend UX events and conferences, whether a large conference or a small scale meet-up, it’s great to meet new people, and think about problems in a different way.

At the University of Huddersfield I studied BSc Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which in essence taught me a little bit of everything, including coding, information and database architecture and marketing. It was also where I developed my passion for user experience, and was fortunate to be able to study alongside a specialised user experience tutor who helped me nurture my skills, but also point me in the right career direction.

Studying ICT means that I am able to understand technical requirements and the limitation of systems, so that I can produce achievable recommendations, but it also highlighted the importance of user requirements alongside technical and business requirements. A system can be completely fit for purpose, but if you want to make sure that your target audience is going to use it, you’ve also got to design an enjoyable experience.

Outside of work I try to spend as much time as possible attempting to be active, either through the gym or running, or trying something new. I am also new to London and am enjoying exploring London, both finding those little spots you visit regularly, and exploring places I’ve never been to before. I am also more than happy to settle down and read a book.

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